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Myth: Cataracts can be removed with laser.
Fact: A cataract is cloudication of the crystalline lens. Its removal needs a surgical incision and vision is restored by replacing it with an intraocular lens. Cataracts cannot be removed with laser.

Myth: A cataract must be "ripe" before it can be removed.
Fact: The correct time for cataract removal in adults is when it interferes with your daily activity and obstructs clear vision. However in children, cataracts should be operated on as soon as possible to prevent poor vision due to lazy eye (amblyopia).

Myth: Constant wear of eye glasses can weaken your eyes and make you dependent on them.
Fact: You are advised to wear glasses because of poor eyesight. Wearing them not only gives you a clear vision but also prevents further eyestrain and asthenopic symptoms. Your lens prescription may change overtime as per your age or disease independent of your glass wear. Constant wear of glasses doesnot weaken your eyes.

Myth: Children outgrow crossed-eyes (squint).
Fact: Misalignment of eyes (strabismus/squint) in children is a sign of visual problems. An ophthalmologist consultation is needed in such cases to establish the cause and its proper treatment. The earlier the problem is addressed the better the visual and cosmetic outcomes.

Myth: Eyes can be transplanted.
Fact: Eye as a whole cannot be transplanted as it is connected to the brain via Optic nerve which once severed can not be reconnected. Only part of an eye, the cornea, can be transplanted in some specific cases.

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