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What brings about the love one has for his country? How deep, one could possibly attach himself to a piece of land and thus equate it with its mother?

The recent uproar in JNU has stirred the patriot in me. Even a gap of thousands of miles and an ocean couldn’t stop the flow of emotions that I felt when I heard students chanting “Bharat Murdabad”. It could be argued that I and my fellow nonresident Indians have lost the right to feel compassionate about a land that we chose to abandon at the first sight of greener pastures.

Yes we did leave, but how do we take the country out of us? As citizens, we were given a lot more than just rights to wield and a constitution to protect. We were given a home. A place that was a lot more than just bricks and mortar. A place that we knew; no matter how adverse the conditions might get, rightfully belonged to us. We were nurtured, cared for, protected and loved. There was an air of humility and innocence during those days about our lives which is why they are referred to as golden.
Where did the innocence go? What prompted the mass migrations and the brain-drain? “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel” were the great words of Mark twain. It is important to mention the context in which Mark wrote those words. It was meant as a slap on the face of an opportunist British Empire that sought fit to loot and plunder in the name of nationalism. Political interests should not be veiled in the form of patriotic ambitions. When people in positions of power forego good governance for a chance to become megalomaniacs drunk on the unrestricted, unchecked flow of cash and support of the illiterate, when a country that prides itself on being a republic has people in even the highest echelons of executive, legislative, and judicial institutions concerning themselves more with emotions than good and just governance, where even the intellectuals wield logical fallacies with complete immunity and shameless pride, where imaginary almighty entities reign supreme and human life is less sacred than cattle, where the know it all hand symbolist follower is bent on setting his personal beliefs in stone for the rest of us to follow like the bovine herd he worships so fervently, where capital punishment still reigns much to the thunderous applause of the public, where exercising the right to freedom of speech against the uncouth, foul unrelenting storm of public opinion and conscience of the nation, citing facts, logic, and reason is tantamount to sedition and treason, where people follow blindly what the media throws in their face as gospel, it is not in the least surprising that innocence has disappeared from the face of this country .

If we are looking for culprit we only need to look in the mirror. There was something terribly wrong with the system. In times of corruption, scams, injustice, silence and rising tempers we were driven desperate. And in that desperation and panic we were robbed of our common sense and we turned to a man. A man we didn’t fully understand. We voted and hoped that good days will follow. We hoped for a man with a voice, who would lift the nation out of its depths and into the future as his records showed. History will tell us how wrong we were. On how a vibrant, diverse sundry democracy succumbed beneath an aristocratic elitist rule, and we get a front row seat. 

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