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Ever been close to someone whose smell left you moribund? Well you certainly don't wanna be in their shoes! Smelling great all day long can fetch you compliments and boost your mood.

Long lasting fragrance doesn't solely depend on the perfumes, deoz or oils, good personal hygiene also counts a lot.

Below are some tips to smell good throughout the day:

  • Maintain good diet
Researches show that regular consumption of spices, red meat, garlic, onion and alcohol can lead to a bad body odour overtime. Meanwhile, consumption of fresh fruits and veggies with good amount of hydration keeps your body smell free.

  • Personal hygiene.
  1. Obvious things first: Daily bathing with scented shower gels, soaps, deo containing soaps or antibacterial soap helps fight body odour. For long lasting deo effect, opt for oil-based rollerball scents. Spritz up your torso with a good perfume. Sensitive areas like back of the knee, behind ears, pulse points and the nape of the neck needs additional spritz.
  2. Do not rub in fragrances after spraying them.
  3. Strong perfumes can be suffocating to your seat-mates hence apply them 15 minutes before leaving home and spray from a foot distance.
  4. Dry your body well after shower. To remain naturally odour-free keep armpits and private parts clean and well shaved. Area under breasts (for ladies) or any other skin folds needs to be washed and dried thoroughly.
  5. If you tend to have bad breath then brushing your teeth twice daily, using floss and alcohol free mouth wash may help. Carry along a mouth freshener or a sugarless chewing gum with good flavor that can come handy when you are in a fix. If despite all the efforts, you still suffer from bad breath than its time to consult a dentist.
  6. Wash hair regularly or  atleast when they become greasy. Use scented shampoo or leave in conditioner. You may opt for baby powder application (Yes, you actually can) for a quick shine and lovely smell. Alternatively, you may use hair sprays for long lasting smell. Body sprays can also be used on hair to match the body fragrance.
  7. Dry your feet well and apply foot spray if you tend to have sweaty or smelly feet. You may carry along the foot spray and use it prior to shoe removal.
  8. Ladies can use scented nail polish instead of the regular ones.
  9. Rub in scented lotion before bedtime.
  10. Of course, it goes without saying that most perfumes donot last the whole day so layering your scents is a wise option. You may start with a fragrant moisturiser in the morning than later on add a body mist for a longer effect. Alternatively,  you may use deo and a perfume of the same scent in a consecutive fashion.
  11. There is nothing wrong in experimenting with different scents until you find your signature scent.

  • Laundry care
  1. Use good detergents with fresh scent for washing your clothes.
  2. Make sure they are rinsed well to remove the detergent completely.
  3. Dry well as half moist clothes emit a foul smell.
  4. Use pillows and sheets spray to be enveloped by fragrance effectively. Make sure your partner is not allergic to it though.
  5. Room freshners which are available in many forms can be used to keep your room smelling fresh all the time. 
  6. Scented candles not only give romantic look but also adds a seductive smell that makes one want to linger longer.

  • Closet care
  1. Keep your closet clean and fragrant.
  2. Keep a perfume satchet in your underwear and socks drawer.
  3. Do not mix clean clothes with unwashed worn clothes even if they appear spotless.
  4. Febreze your closet.
  5. You may spritz your shoes as well.
  6. Allow shoes to dry out well before next use.

Follow this tips and smell heavenly daily, all day long.

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