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It's good to keep track of the effectiveness of your efforts from time to time. You can set your own self-evaluation period and may choose to keep a diary as well.

  • Key point to remember: weight loss=calories burnt>calories consumed.
  • Remind yourself of your long term goals every now and then.
  • Cheating is allowed occasionally, provided you do not overdo it.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking.
  • Say NO to drugs.

Few tips to avoid your efforts-graph from declining:
  • Get into slim fit wear: keeps you motivated to achieve that ideal figure!
  • Buy yourself a weighing machine. Check regularly and enjoy the subtraction!
  • Click and compare before and after pics. You may pin them in your diary.
  • Check to see which food plans are more convenient for you e.g. You may choose to skip rice for a week or two and see the difference.
  • You may modify your exercise plan by combining new and old exercises e.g aerobics plus weight lifting.
  • Alternatively, incorporate more calorie use in your daily routine like prefer to walk to work rather than using your vehicle and save fuel cost! If you are using public transport, than you may get down a station before and walk to work.
  • Its good to remember that this is a long term weight loss plan, you may not look like a model in one or two weeks. So have patience.
  • Set realistic and achievable milestones and congratulate yourself upon reaching them. Share the good news among friends and flaunt the new you in your favourite outfits.

As you keep repeating and modifying steps I-V, it will become a healthy habit and you will always be fit! 

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