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Test your knowledge on diabetes here.

  1. What is diabetes mellitus?

  2. lot of infection in blood
    a metabolic disorder with high blood sugar levels
    a metabolic disorder with low blood sugar levels

  3. Which age group can have diabetes mellitus?

  4. adults

  5. Is diabetes mellitus curable?

  6. yes

  7. How can you know if you have diabetes mellitus?

  8. you need to have expensive body scannings
    have to get hormonal studies done
    have a blood test checking for fasting and post prandial blood sugar levels

  9. What are some of the risk factors for diabetes mellitus?

  10. central obesity
    family history of diabetes mellitus
    both a and b above

  11. Type II diabetes mellitus is caused by?

  12. no insulin production by the pancreas
    inability of the body to use the produced insulin
    being in close contact with a patient with diabetes mellitus

  13. What is gestational diabetes?

  14. high blood sugar levels after delivery
    high blood sugar levels during pregnancy
    high blood sugar levels in childhood

  15. People with diabetes mellitus are prone to

  16. damage to the kidneys, eyes and nerves
    frequent opportunistic infections and poor wound healing
    both a and b above

  17. Treatment choices for diabetes mellitus include

  18. oral hypoglycemics medications
    insulin injections
    both a and b above

  19. How can patient with diabetes mellitus help himself?

  20. regular blood sugar check ups and exercises
    diet control and treatment adherence
    both a and b above
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