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Obviously, you know that smoking is indeed injurious to health. The health ministers and related people have shouted until they could do no more. The researches have spent millions of dollars getting the truth out for you to see how a ciggarate can damage your internals and externals. It has been proven over and over again how smoking can be a deterring factor socially, economically and healthwise. Despite that, you still hold a ciggarette with pride instead of shame.

So, it's time to ask yourself, "What is stopping me from quitting killing myself and others around me?" (Yes, that's what a cigg basically does, makes you a coward and a murderer! Remember, a cell is  a living unit too!)

Let us analyse some of the most common but lesser talked about responses. 

1. "I always want to quit but I keep postponing."
Are you one of those who believe in "Let this be the last cigg? I will quit from tomorrow or a set date/day?" Well, for your information: Tomorrow never comes! So let that moment be NOW! Let your last cigg be the one you had smoked the last time.

2. "One cigg can't kill me."
Is this your mantra? Well, you are fooling yourself. Not only one cigg, but a single puff can harm your delicate lungs. Recall when you smoked for the first time, all that chokes, cough and reflexes?  Great, now you got my point! Besides, how do you know which particular ciggaratte actually turned that cell of yours into cancerous? Stop Now!

3. "I smoke only when with friends."
If you are a teenager and often find yourself repeating this statement every time you are being asked about your smoking habits, then beware! It could be just the start of a long addiction! Your proud statement should be "I don't need a ciggarette to prove how cool I am."

4. "Smoking is cool."
Sorry, Mr. Fool but smoking isn't cool at all. Infact, smokers stink and that's why you rush to look for a mouth freshner soon after smoking. Check out your fingers, lips and teeth after smoking for years. Oh and did I forget wrinkled skin and burnt lungs? Did you know you can actually have poor eyesight because of smoking and the chances of damaged blood vessels and heart problems?

5. If it weren't for ciggarate,  could you have been a proud owner of a brand new Ford Fiesta or a Chevrolet Sonic? Let's see how. Here is a quick and simplified calculation (I am no mathematician).

Suppose a pack of 20 cigg costs you $10 (cost varies per brand and country).
You smoke a pack every other day (underestimating,  as people smoke more than this!)
In one month =15 packs= $150
In a year, $150 x 12= $1,800
And you've been smoking for the past 10 years? $1,800 x 10 = $18,000 

Wow, now that makes you a rich guy! 

A Ford Fiesta, Chevrolet Sonic or SUV costs just around $18,000. 

Now, that makes you a fool! Buying a rolled slow poison in a piece of paper which burnt you and itself, giving you and your loved ones chances of ill health while all this time you could have saved and had a wonderful, healthy and a luxurious life! What a waste! Isn't it? Of course, it hurts you more now because you know you have wasted more money than I have exemplified. 

Moreover, the bonus that ciggaratte gives you is a wrinkled, stained, ugly stink, blinded, bedridden with excessive cough and perhaps emanciated self due to an oral cancer!

That's an amazing returns for investing hundreds of hard earned dollars into tobacco with piles of ashes as the interest!

So, what you waiting for? Quit NOW! Never look for a ciggarate or tobacco related products again. Infact, don't look for an alternative,  simply stop the habit. Remember to say NO to smoking! Smoking is injurious to health, even your ciggarette packet has that as a statutory warning.

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