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As the world is moving into re-experimenting on herbals, I thought a daily use product would be an ideal to shade some light on.

Product name: Neem Active Toothpaste from Henkel India. The company also is known for its Margo soap as its trademark.

Product description: A light green tooth paste.

Flavour: It has an added mint flavour.

Packaging: a 200 gram tube with a nozzle cap. (Pic attached)

Cost: INR 65 (MRP) in regular stores.

Direction to use: Open the cap and squeeze the tube from the bottom to the top.

Neem Active Toothpaste claims to offer a complete oral care. It is 100% vegetarian and have efficacy in preventing cavities, long lasting freshness and strengthening teeth and gums.

It contains a long list of hard to pronounce compounds but the active ingredients are calcium carbonate, Glycerin,  hydrated silica, sodium carboxymethylcellulose,  Neem extract, sodium monoflouro phosphate and Tea Tree oil among others. These are all natural and nature derived ingredients. The toothpaste is 98% herbal.

Properties: Because it contains Neem (Azadirachta) extract which is a strong naturally occuring anti-bacterial, the toothpaste helps to fight germs. The product also claims to prevent bleeding gums and inflammation. The mint flavour helps fight bad breathe for hours.

My experience:
Easy to open and recap. 
Easy recapping with no spill over.
Tastes good. Minty and fresh.
Easily accepted by children due to its flavour and mild strength.
A pea size quantity suffices to clean the entire mouth per use.

I have been using it for four months once daily and I still have half of the tube intact. The number of users for the paste are 5 per day. So basically it is cost effective for the entire family use.

It has a temporary fresh feel but the minty flavour lasts for hours.

Compared to other toothpastes falling in a similar category like Dabur red paste and Meswak, Neem Active toothpaste lack the efficiency of whitening the teeth.

Neem Active Toothpaste is a herbal choice for those who can't adjust with chemical-loaded toothpastes. It might offer what it says if used twice daily. It is an affordable product for a complete oral care for the entire family.
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