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The right to vote is the pinnacle of the pyramid that we call as a democracy. Bestowing the power in the hands of the people is how citizens can exercise their right of choosing nominated candidates as fit for running the country. However, not every citizen is qualified enough to make this decision and so the right to vote should be exercised with severe caution. A wrongly contested vote can tip the balance of power and leave the country in the hands of incompetent people which could have serious consequences on the growth and future economic aspirations of the country.

Firstly of all, the very idea of a democracy rests in bestowing its citizens with the power of choice. If a citizen is indifferent to the nominated candidates of the contesting parties then he or she may choose not exercise their vote. They could also refrain from casting their vote if the ideologies of the candidates do not resonate deeply with their thoughts. Secondly, enforcing the choice on the citizens can directly hamper the voting process where the voices of candidates who were unable to reach out to the masses would get drowned out due to lack of information. In a country where the streaming media hasn’t penetrated into the masses, it would lead to a dictatorial rule. It could also lead to the ruling party devising unscrupulous means of demanding votes and thereby prevent new candidates with fairly low influence from casting their opinions on impressionable voters.

It is evident that voting is a choice, and in order for a healthy, stable rule and a country to flourish, the power to cast votes should always remain in the hands of the people.
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