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Do you frequently feel like, "Oh no! It's Monday again!" "Same old boring job" and "tired of routine life." Lament no more! Here are ways to make these crappy days more interesting. Did you realise what's common among the three draggy clauses: routine life, blue Mondays and same old job? YOU of course! So actually days, jobs or people aren't really a problem but the problem is your outlook towards them. Now that you have realised the real drawback of your spiceless life,  it's time to change your perspective.

Of course you can't always have awesome days, there are going to be gloomy ones too but here is how you can improve most of your days:

A successful day needs to be organized and easy to go through. This happens if you pre-plan the to-do-list a day before. Make a realistic list priority wise and possibly include time frame too. That way you can manage your time wisely.

Get optimum sleep
Good days usually are the ones with an early start. If you are well rested you will have plenty of energy the next day. So, follow the 'Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise' principle.

See the Sunrise
Wake up a little earlier than usual, so that you have ample time to laze around till your alarm goes off. Do make a point of walking in a lush green area or simply opening up the window and lettin' the fresh cool air fill your lungs. Listen to the chirrup of the birds as you witness the first rays of the Sun. This is one crucial time to close your eyes, think positive & happy thoughts and smile contentedly thinking about all the good things you have in life.

Warm up your muscles. Do light and easy exercises to energize yourself. Yoga is another option. Nothing gives a better zeal than morning exercise. Try it.

Enjoy your toilet
Showering, dressing up sharp and smelling good always have added advantages. Who doesn't like looking good? Feeling fresh energises oneself. But make sure whatever you wear, clothes or shoes, you should feel comfortable in them.

Breakfast: the day's fuel!
If you want sustained energy for the day and avoid weight gain than daily healthy breakfast is a must.

Sitting idle is boring
Life should always be on the go. Sitting stagnant makes our body's bolts rust. Hence be grateful that you have work (a job or simply housework) to look forward to. No matter how much you dislike your job or collegues, take a moment to appreciate that atleast you have one. Not every one works for money others do it for pleasure and satisfaction. Besides, moving about keeps you healthy and active. Whatever your reasons may be, if you have a job better give it your best shot!

Add a bounce in your step
This works like magic. Even when you feel like dragging your feet, try walking faster as if you are very late for an important meeting. See how energized you feel in just few steps!

Keep your head down
Clashes and regrets are often avoided if words don't complicate them. The lesser you speak the lesser chances of misunderstandings.  When you get angry or upset it is best to take deep breathes and count till 10, reframe any harsh words before you let them out. Remember we are all adults, difference of opinion is expected and is healthy in a way. Try to understand what others are trying to convey. Don't jump to conclusions.

Break time
You can't keep working doggedly the whole day! Take frequent breaks in between work. Change posture, stretch out, drink water, take a walk to your colleagues station, enjoy the view outta your window or simply close your eyes and rest (do NOT doze off though).

Be up to date
Try and complete all your tasks earliest possible.  Never be in the habit of postponing things and stretching up on deadlines. Communicate clearly, have the correct and complete knowledge about your project. Never lie, hide or blame others for your mistakes. Ask for advice and guidance whenever necessary. Be humble, kind and friendly.

Office to-do-list
Before leaving your office, make a list of activities that needs your attention the next day. That way you will mentally be prepared and well organised for upcoming tasks.

Have a hobby
Utilize your free time doing something you love besides your work.

Home sweet home
As you step into your house, leave outside all your work tensions. Be grateful that you have a roof, bed and family to return to. Spend quality time with family, listen to how they spent their day. Don't just slump yourself on sofa with TV remote in one hand and start ordering around. If you live singly than call your loved ones and enjoy catching up.

Freshen up, eat well and read/watch something hilarious that puts your mind in relaxation mode. Listening to soothing music helps some people sleep better. Pre-plan your next day and sleep early. It's recommended to have 8 hours undisturbed sleep a day, so sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!

Do you have a tip to create a better day? Add it up in the comment box below.

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