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Lashed down by torrential rain which turned streets into waterways leaving thousands roofless, hungry and wet, Chennai indeed experienced a nightmare in which many innocent lives were lost.

What it did in return is the talk of the day, though. The long forgotten humanity and solidarity were reawakened in face of recent terrorism and war.

In recent times, people have been living a mechanical life which is limited to working, sleeping, eating and occasionally personal indulgence. Socialization and social circle is now an online affair. Times have gone when evening meant sitting outside the house with neighbours and seeing kids play on the streets.

The true colours of life like peace, love, laughter, friendship and humanity have long ceased to exist in the majority.

Standing together shoulder-to-shoulder and reaching out to our fellow humans who are going through such a crucial phase in life has again evoked such forgotten traits.

In this era, where religious differences, rascism, revenge, anger and hatred reigns, Chennai catastrophe has unearthed the existing humanity; a force so powerful that overcomes any boundary set by nation, caste, creed or social status.

Natural calamity doesn't differentiate between the rich and the poor. Properties and assets are of no use when there is no foothold to stand upon. Yet, these are the common  reasons of enmity, grudges and lost lives. The true assets are the human relations which have been buried deep down and needs to be revived.

The various helping hands and praying lips during the calamity will be well rewarded with health and wealth, for what goes around does come around.

The message is loud and clear: The world should be a playground of peace and love where existence is a joy and not a war-field where life has no value and death is routine.

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