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Understanding a person who matters to you gives a great deal of hand-grip on your reaction towards them. Whether you are meeting them for the first time or you are getting their first glance from a distance, their body language can speak volumes before you actually get to know them.

Similarly, your body language gives out a lot of clues about your thinking and feelings to other people.

Therefore, kinesics - the study of body movements and gestures as a form of non verbal communication, is an important key to interpreting a person as a whole. Of course, kinesics is as complex as fully understanding a human being but a simplified version of it can give you a general idea about a person.

A point to stress here is that; not all body movements or gestures mean the same always, hence its upon you to interpret them appropriately in the correct context.

Below are ten such body gestures that usually mean what it says.

  1. A head nod - indicates agreement,  a submissive gesture indicating that the person is willing to follow your words.
  2. Walking with hands in pockets with hunched shoulders - indicates dejection.
  3. Stroking beard/chin - frequently done unconsciously while in deep thought or concentration.
  4. Arms crossed in front of the chest - a defensive gesture expressing disagreement with actions or opinions of others.
  5. Head tilt to one side - especially as an audience, shows that the person is listening intently. 
  6. Standing with hands on hips - indicates aggression or readiness, this person is feeling defiant.
  7. Shifting weight from one foot to another is a sign of impatience, fear, excitement, nervousness or it may mean feeling intimidated as well.
  8. Drumming or finger tapping - quite a common gesture, signalling impatience or tired of waiting.
  9. Open palms facing upwards - are expressions of honesty, innocence, sincerity and submission.
  10. Head held high - indicates fearlessness, superiority, arrogance especially if accompanied by a jutting chin.

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