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Remedies for a blue day.

There are days when we feel real low or simply energyless and miss that zest to gear up our body & mind to match the speed of our daily activities.

So what could be done on such a day to boost our mood up?

Here are few tips that can better such a day:

  • Look good! One thing that we can control is our appearance. Feeling dull doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be reflected exteriorly as well. Put on that favourite attire of yours which always fetches you compliments. Looking good boosts up self confidence and of course added compliments will definitely make you feel better.
  • Walk taller and sit straighter. Our body posture speaks volumes about our self confidence even if you are feeling quite the opposite inside.
  • Flash that million dollar smile. It is said that always smile as you never know who is falling in love with it!  Most of the time this gesture suffices to replace words that might seem like an effort on such a day when you just want to be left alone. 
  • Cut conversations short. Instead of replying in long sentences and getting involved in deep discussions, simply go for gestures such as a nod, a smile, a shake of head, a simple yes or no and the like. This discourages further dialogue and if the person opposite you is keen enough, he/she will leave you alone! After all, you arent in the mood for a company now.
  • Do what pleases you the most. Take advantage and brighten your day, go for things that you enjoy doing like listening to your favourite music (let it not be some sad or depressing number), solving crosswords, playing games, reading jokes or stories etc. All these are immediately accessible if you have a smartphone with a net connection. 
  • Pamper yourself. You deserve it! After all what's all the hard earned cash for. Eat out that favourite dish of yours, go shopping or to a movie (you can even ask a friend out! Remember the more the merrier) or go get that massage thay you always wanted. Its a perfect day to let your senses have treat.
  • Hibernate. Sleeping off a blue day conserves energy and relaxes mind & body. The last thing you want is to encounter more people and discuss more issues on this day. Sleep off and you will wake up more fresher and energetic to face the next day!
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