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Stress has become part of our lives with or without which work can not be done. You will be wondering why I have mentioned 'with' and 'without' in the same sentence. That's because stress can be good or bad. Yes, good stress can motivate you to do things while bad stress pushes you towards ill-health. 

This discussion, however, is about the bad kinda stress that makes your heart go boom boom boom and your blood pressure skyrocket, you find yourself anxious and irritable even more if you already are of the nervous personality.

Did you ever find yourself in a situation when you felt that the whole universe is conspiring against you and targeting your day to be one of the worst? Like you woke up late, missed your breakfast, the traffic was a killer and the rain didn't do much to help but soak you to the core, moreover your boss practiced his shouting skills on you while your collegues watched and you of course hadn't met the deadlines! It could get worse you know. You go to your desk with your head hung low with shame, anger and frustration but wait a sec! There are things that can actually get you outta this mood almost instantly! 

Now lets throw a glance at 10 of such things that can help you shake off this bug called stress.

  1. Breathe deeply. Yes, one of the quickest and the most effective ways to de-stress at your desk. Breathe in, hold for as long as you can then slowly breathe out. Just concentrate on breathing (you may choose to close your eyes) and feel the difference the oxygen makes. 
  2. Visualize a pleasant scenario.  Say, you on a hammock at the beachside with the vast, calm ocean and cool breeze soothing you. Research shows that mental peace perception calms down the agitated nerves.
  3. Mind your posture. Sit up straight with head held high, back straight and feel the confidence gaining on you. Slumped posture is a reflection of a loser and depressed individual and you definetely aren't one.
  4. Eat a banana. Now that's not 'cause you had missed your breakfast but essentially it is rich in potassium which helps to lower your blood pressure. Remember to keep a banana handy.
  5. Stay hydrated. Water is always our best friend. From flushing toxins to keeping our skin glowing it also helps in combating stress. After all what can you achieve feeling cranky and lethargic? Keep a 1 litre bottle on your desk and aim at drinking 3 fulls per day.
  6. Scribble away. Draw a messy pic or just doodle. Researches show when the mind does the aimless work the body actually unwinds! Look busy but do nothing, isn't it an awesome way to beat the boss!
  7. Chum up with old pals. Another way to slack off is just a phone call away. Call that friend that you have been meaning to and catch up! Revive old memories and bingo! You're on the road to recovery.
  8. Music. A wonderful getaway for anyone anytime. Classical (soothing) music is the prescribed treatment for stress management but any finger-tapping number can get you all energezied and relaxed.  What's more, you can even sing along!
  9. Practice muscle relaxation. From toes to head tighten and relax all your muscles stepwise.  It helps relieve stress especially for those suffering from anxiety and depression.
  10. Shut the world out. Close your eyes and sit back relaxed. Think of a steady candle flame and focus on its tip. See the light brigthen as it engulfs your dark thoughts and brighten your very being. Five-ten minutes of this short focused meditation rejuvinates you to the core and sharpens your focus.
Try these tips anywhere anytime convinient and feel relaxed and more focused.

You may pen down your personal favourite tip of desk relaxation in the comment box below.
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